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Try Light Tape®  Animation!

So, how does Light Tape® Animation work?

A Light Tape® Animated Sign is similar to neon, but far more realistic because it operates within a high-resolution printed image. We divide the image into several different sections that can be illuminated separately from one another. We can program and sequence each section to create the appearance of movement within the static printed image.

Your Digital Image Not Illuminated

Begin Illuminating Letters Or Objects In Sequence

Entire Message Illuminates, Great For Branding!

Background Illuminates For An Awesome Full Backlit Display.

Completed Animation

Capture their attention with Light Tape® Animation:
  • Eye-catching moving electronic display
  • Utilizes high quality, full color digital image
  • Energy efficient - less than 6 watts per square foot!
  • Easy to install, very portable, no glass to break
  • Thin as a credit card!
  • Vibration and shock resistant

Light Tape® Animation is great for:

Branding campaigns, Point of Purchase advertising, Trade shows, Mobile advertising, Entertainment and sporting events, Night clubs and bars, Hotels, Casinos, Concerts, Amusement parks, Cinemas, Retail, Kiosks, Museums, Airports, Safety, Industrial, Hospitals, Bus shelters, Subway stations, Architectural displays, Landscapes, Marine + more.

Ready to get your Light Tape® Animation?

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