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Light Tape® Architectural Gallery

Incredible energy savings, dimmable and a cost effective option compared to LED's or other lighting. Not to mention, a flat cool light source that can fit about anywhere. Imagine the design options!

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Natural Color Blue / Green Light Tape® was simply wrapped around this Urgent Care Sign and added high visibility with elegance.
This Marina was decked out be the Principles of Electro-LuminX using an older EL technology. A very unique extrusion system protected the lamps while providing for expansion and contraction. More than 25,000 linear feet was installed.
Canopy Lighting using one inch by 290 feet long with a specially matched green overlay color was installed in one continuous piece with only one connection on one end! Energy consumption is Less Than 150 Watts!
What Light Box? Not with Light Tape®. So sheer... only about 1/32" thick. Back light anything without a light box.
This floor mat was back-lit with an electroluminescent panel... No gas or glass. You can even walk on it! Viewed from a distance, the West Tower in Liverpool, England shows that Light Tape® goes to great lengths to wow the masses... literally!

















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