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Light Tape® Automotive Gallery

Light Tape® Automotive Series delivers the perfect way to show off your car or to provide the functional lighting that stock lighting could never achieve. This may also be applied to Motorcycles, Boats, and Snowmobiles! Send us your photo's!

Low power, lightweight and indestructible Light Tape® is ideal for automotive accents as well as interior lighting applications. With 12VDC power supplies available, automotive applications are a snap.

Benefits of using Light Tape® vs. conventional lighting kits? It's virtually indestructible! See our Shooting Range Video.

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Undercarriage Lighting that’s Unbreakable! Believe it! Light Tape® has no gas, no glass. Safer than neon. Available in 3 Hot Colors and Sizes. Don’t Hassle with Neon…Get Light Tape®.


A soft glow on the interior of this car was achieved using 1/4" Light Tape®.

Smooth, even down lighting that does not interfere with driving gives an elegant glow. 1/4" x 5' long blue Light Tape® used.


Applied directly to the headliner, 1/4" Light Tape® adds a magical, soft light to the interior.
A one inch by five foot long strip of Light Tape® created this awesome lighting effect on the grille of this truck. This pickup with a custom canopy has its interior come alive with a one inch x 6 feet Light Tape® Strip. It’s bright enough to read by…yet cool looking and low profile. (Uses Vehicle 12 VDC Power)


Electro-LuminX® designed and manufactured this Light Tape® System for Global Accessories which mounts to the Truck Bed with Hook & Loop Attachments. It was the only product which could provide almost perfectly uniform up lighting.


Check it out! Light Tape® with a peel & stick adhesive backing adds a trick lighting effect to this Dodge Truck. It applies like tape, but lights like Neon…that’s why we call it Light Tape®.


This one is really wild! 5 Foot Light Tape® Strips applied on the underside of the Truck Bed Rails punches out this Truck (Uses Vehicles 12 VDC Power) This VW Beetle belongs to a cute little 16 year old Blonde. With the application of 5 Foot by 3/8 inch Light Tape® on its Rocker Panels, it gets an attitude adjustment so easy to install with peel and stick mounting. (Uses Vehicles 12 VDC Power)


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