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Light Tape® Custom Shapes Gallery

Don't feel you are limited to squares and rectangles. Aurora Lighting can custom cut Light Tape® into just about any shape. Check out the giant 5 m candle that was center stage during performance at Sir Albert Hall in London...

PLEASE NOTE: This page is being updated. Please check back soon for more photos. Click onto image to enlarge.

Show Perfection

Light up your stage with Light Tape® Custom Shapes. You can still use your wireless mic system with no feedback as well! Courtesy of Crystal Cruises.


Lettering - no problem!

Spell it out with Light Tape® Custom Shapes. From personal names to businesses, block fonts to intricate script, we can do it.


WWE Sign

WWE commissioned Light Tape® Innovations to create their logo, as well as other custom shape signs for Wrestlemania 24.


Safety signage

Spell it out with Light Tape® custom shapes. And Light Tape's high visibility in smoke and fog makes this application for the Netherlands' Coast Guard a success.


Lighting up your sign

No more boring signs! With Light Tape®, we can custom cut letters for your sign. Let your creative genius run wild! -sign from a series done for Crystal Cruises show.


Shapes Light Up Installations

The world map installed was used to backlight important areas in an educational installation for children, although it caught adults' attention as well!


Lighting The World at a Glance

You can have Light Tape® cut to any shape that you want! Small, detailed cuts can even be done. The custom world map was made to backlight an educational installation.


One big stage candle

Don't worry about how big it is, we can figure it out. Light Tape® can be tiled to create just about any shape and size. London, England


The Beast in Action

After the Light Tape® is cut to shape, the graphics are placed on top to create the character. And at 1/4 of a pound per square foot, hanging the sign is a cinch.


Create any shape

The photo speaks for it self!



Curves - no problem

Add a customized Light Tape® panel under your bar top for a cool hue. It is guaranteed to impress all of your patrons and friends!


Outstanding logo's

In a world that is full of distractions, you want your logo to have a definite impact. Light Tape® Innovations can help you achieve this. -Stinger Bentley at 2008 CES Show in Las Vegas, NV, USA.


Light Up Your Dash

Take safety to the next level and customize the dash of any machine with Light Tape Innovations! Light Tape® cuts through hazardous conditions, making it great for cars, boats, airplanes... the possibilities are endless.


Mud Flap Girl

The Mud Flap Girl has never looked this good. Even with all of those “curves” the lighting remains uniform from head to toe. As you can imagine, no shape is too tough for Light Tape®. All's we need is an image with dimensions for scale....we take care of the rest.


Logos are easy and Animateable

Backlight your corporate logo with Light Tape®. A wafer thin sign that can be attached to just about anything. Power your sign with AC or DC power, great for delivery vehicles and can be animated as well! See how to animate here: Animation


No more rigid light boxes

Create any shape and put it virtually anywhere. Don’t limit your design to what is possible with traditional light boxes. Your logo will really POP when it can stand by itself. Perfect for billboards to ensure your client's logo stands out.


Stage Lighting that stands-up

Light Tape® was put to the test when it was cut into pieces then assembled on the stage floor at Sir Albert Hall. It marked center stage for the performers danced and sang directly on the Light Tape® thought out the entire night of The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball, sponsored by Amnesty International. London, England


A Lobby to Remember

Light Tape® Innovations made a great concept even better. A mobile was created with large characters from Spamalot to revolve around the theater lobby. The Light Tape® was cut to the exact dimensions of the each character transforming them into backlit images. Wynn Casino, Las Vegas.



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