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Light Tape® Entertainment Gallery

A modern clean look that is virtually indestructible and is ideally suited for flashing or sequencing. Create excitement or special mood lighting to enhance your venue.


Prince and Light Tape®

Light Tape® was a big hit during Super Bowl XLI half-time show. Light Tape® was attached to the uniforms of the half-time participants and illuminated with our portable DC power supplies.

Opening of Main Street Plaza

Virginia Commonwealth University students creatively don Light Tape® at the opening of the new Main Street Plaza in Richmond, Virginia.

Halftime at Super Bowl XLI

Even from far away, Light Tape® is the BRIGHT choice! Here, Light Tape® performs with the Florida A&M Marching Band and Prince at Super Bowl XLI.

Perfect for Trade Shows!

Light Tape® is perfect for bringing some extra attraction to your trade show booth. And the clean, easy to install design will give an added professional look.

Fun Bus - Mobile Lighting

Light Tape® was utilized in this learning center for a kid’s bus. The lighting was used to create a cool effect for a scientific environment and the kids loved it! Roto Studios

Cosmic Bowling

Easy to install under the gutter caps or really anywhere. Run the entire length of the lane with only one connection. Tie it into your mixing system for dimming and flashing capabilities.

Exhibition Stands

Accent your trade show booth. Light weight, no glass to break, no heat, the perfect lighting for a booth on the move.

Great for Gaming

Perfect accent light for games! Thinner than a credit card, cool to touch and no bulbs to break. Plug it in to AC or operate the system with a battery for portability. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stage Lighting

Curves and corners are no problem with Light Tape®. Dial in the brightness with the built in dimmer, flash it or control it with your current DMX system.





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