Lite-Up Champagne Glass

Bubble inclusion ball stem is easy to hold and facilitates great illumination. Illumination is constant on and the LED matches the glass color. Uses 3 B-AG13 batteries, included and can be replaced. Hand Wash.
 Our newest model, features 8 light up functions. The glasses are clear and feature an R/G/B LED which allows 7 color combinations in one glass. In addition, the 8th function produces a color changing effect. While the style is still the same, the new quick-release base design allows for easy battery replacement and submersible washing. 7 ounce capacity. Note: For quantities of more than 1 - 47, go to View Cart. There you may change the quantity.

Clear with White LED
1 - $6.49
48 - $259.20
96 - $470.40
Clear with 8 Function Color Change
1 - $7.49
48 - $302.40
96 - $547.20

Now here is a glass that you will make a sure impression at any formal gathering. Here's an example:

 At the Wedding: You have the catering service bring out the Champagne glasses and the Champagne both at the same time. Make sure you tell the servers to tell people at the tables not to touch the glasses until the Champagne is poured. Usually this will work if the Champagne is poured right then and the toast is about to begin.
 Then, have the facility dim the lights for the speech. Have the Best-Man tell everyone to light up the glasses for his speech. This is truly an impressive experience everyone will not forget! These glasses are also imprintable for your occasion. Contact us for pricing.