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Light Tape® Marine Gallery

Light Tape® is perfect for Marine environments not only due to element ruggedness and minimal power consumption but for low profile and flexibility.

Sign that can be seen for miles

Clean crisp lettering that can be seen for miles. Powered with our DC power system and drawing virtually no current from your battery. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Light up her name!

Your friends have trouble finding your boat in the marina at night. No problem, Light Tape® is perfect of creating custom boat signs. The surface does not have to be flat, just curve around the natural contour of your boat. In this case, our client utilized a 6 inch wide Electric Blue panel, and then created their own sign by placing custom stencil on top for a stunning effect. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Marine Cabin Lighting

Light Tape® can provide adequate illumination while consuming very lower power. The illumination benefit can range from safety to setting the cabin atmosphere while the low power consumption speaks for itself.

Marine Walking Path

Light Tape® is an excellent solution to illuminating areas in which safety is a concern. Imagine the great benefits of an enhanced walking path during periods of poor visibility. Coastal applications literally become land marks.

Marine Lighting

Just a little amount of Light Tape® can help illuminate those hard to see areas while providing great ascetics.

Marina Lighting

This Marina was decked out be the Principles of Electro-LuminX using an older EL technology. A very unique extrusion system protected the lamps while providing for expansion and contraction. More than 25,000 linear feet was installed.





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