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Light Tape® Safety Gallery

Light Tape® technology is utilized by the military for it's visibility through smoke and fog. Whether residential or industrial, Light Tape® is perfect for any safety application from night lighting to egress pathway identification.

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Korean Subway Staircase Perfect for Way Finding

Arrows or messages can be placed over the Light Tape denoting direction or other critical information. The information is always visible and illuminated from behind when Light Tape is illuminated in emergency situations.
Nighttime Visibility

Nighttime visibility and safety is provided by Light Tape. It is visible thru smoke and is the most energy efficient lamp available. Electro-Luminescent lamps are the result of NASA research.

Police Car Security

This lighting does not produce a glare associated with customary dome lighting which can spill over into the front seat. An officer can keep watch on a suspect without being blinded by the rear view mirror or stunned when turning around.


















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