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Light Tape® Sign Gallery

Light Tape® technology is utilized by the military for it's visibility through smoke and fog. Whether residential or industrial, Light Tape® is perfect for any safety application from night lighting to egress pathway identification.

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Perfect for POP

Light Tape® WILL catch your customer's attention. Its addition to a display will cause a transition from dull to exciting. With a variety of colors, widths, and power options for AC or DC, we can work with you to customize a plan that will best match your campaign.
Light it Up!

Light Tape® is perfect for illuminate etched surfaces. This client placed a ˝” lamp around the interior, mounting the etched acrylic in the frame. All you need to do is a piece of acrylic etched with your logo, build a quick frame and now you are a sign maker! Richmond, Virginia

Make a great sign come to life!

Edge wrap any sign to catch your eye and create depth. Installing Light Tape® is a snap, peel and stick for indoors or outdoor mounting solutions are also available. Go Hokies! No Ho Way….Vail, Colorado

Transform a wall into a light box

Light Tape® was able to turn a 90 foot wall into a giant light box. Even continuous light provided a stunning effect. Graphics were offset using stainless steel stanchions to allow the light to create a glowing effect. Grand Central Station, NY (sign changed due to acquisition of bank by B of A).

Laser Cut Signs

Adding light to a multilayer sign has never been easier. Our clients utilize their laser cutting machine to make a three layer sign. Then they slide in a ultra-thin Light Tape® panel behind the last layer creating an amazing effect when illuminated.

Trade Show Booth

This trade show booth is made exciting and colorful using Light Tape to illuminate as well as backlight images. You can even walk on it!

Turn a wall into a window

Tired of looking a wall or window? Try changing it into something that you like. All you need to do is go to the local printer and have them create a perfect scene for you. Then place a Light Tape® panel in the window frame, sky light or wall and backlight your new view!! Las Vegas, Nevada


















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