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Light Tape® Technical Downloads

Here is technical information to help you better understand how simple Light Tape® is to use. Once you work with it once, you will agree that designs and installations are easy with Light Tape®.

  Design Guide

Light Tape® Cut Sheets

Concise one page technical sheets for our Light Tape® accent and back lighting solutions as well as animated signage.

 Light Tape® Cut Sheet

  Light Tape® Panels and Shapes Cut Sheet


Smart Driver™ Systems

Technical specifications for our state of the art lighting ballasts exclusively engineered for Light Tape® electroluminescent lamps. We offer a wide range of AC and DC options.

  Smart Driver Sizing Guidelines abd Quick Guide

  Smart Driver AC Ballasts

  Smart Driver DC Ballasts


How to connect and connector specifications

Unlike any other, Light Tape® has custom connection systems to meet the most demanding applications. Our outdoor connection methods yield an IP68 rating.

  Connecting Light Tape®

  Connecting Multiple Segments of Light Tape®



Mounting Systems

Light Tape® can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Use our custom mounting channels for outdoor installations. For indoor installations, there are several custom and over the counter solutions available.

  Light Tape® Mounting Adhesives and Protective Sealants


Installation Tips

Light Tape® is a simple system that may seem complicated at first but only has a few easy rules to follow. You can be installing lighting like a pro in no time.

  Light Tape® Mounting Guidelines

  Floor Installation, Creating Your Own Light Box, and Other Mounting Options

  Outdoor Mounting Installation Instructions

  Cutting and Sealing Light Tape®

  Indoor Panel Installation

  Light Tape® Colors

  Safety and Handling Guidelines



Trouble Shooting

Having an issue with a connection or power supply. Please consult our trouble shooting guide for a few pointers. Or fill out a tech sheet and send it in so we can diagnose what may be the problem.

  Light Tape® Energy Consumption

  Light Tape® Lifetime Guidelines





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