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Light Tape® System

Light Tape® EL lamps combined with the Smart Driver™ technology results in the most versatile and energy efficient electroluminescent system available today.


Light Tape® Accent Lighting

Light Tape® is the perfect solution for your next accent lighting project. Light Tape® Accent Lighting is available in standard widths up to 6" wide and priced by the linear foot. More...


Light Tape® Animation

Are your customers missing your message? Looking for a new signage solution? Look no further! Light Tape® Animation is ideal for Window Signs, Point of Purchase advertising, Trade shows, Night clubs and bars, and so much more. More...

Light Tape® Backlighting

Wondering how to evenly illuminate a large surface such as an onyx wall. It is time to abandon single point light sources as a backlight. Light Tape® is available in large panels to cover about any area. Light Tape® Panels are priced by square inch. More...




Light Tape® manufactured by Electro-LuminX® Lighting Corporation is a Proud Partner of:

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