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Your Light Tape project details

1. Will your Light Tape be used Indoors or Outdoors?
Even though our patented formulations protect Light Tape, we offer additional barrier solutions for outdoor environments.  Our Extreme series products are engineered to withstand the toughest environments.

Indoor      Outdoor

2. What color do you prefer? Our standard colors are listed or you can request a special color matching to your specification for an additional premium. To see our available colors click on this button Please allow a moment for the page to load. Then use your browsers Back Button to return to this page and enter color.

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3. Determine the width of your Light Tape lamp. Note that the protective lamination extends beyond the lamp by approximately 1/4  on our Extreme series, so the total width of the lamp is about 1/2 wider than the lit area. Note our standard sizes.

Width Inches" (Finished")          Width mm (Finished)           Panels

4. Measure length of Light Tape required. Identify where you want to put Light Tape. You will want to determine the total length of lamp that you need for your project.  This can be the sum of multiple individual segments or one continuous piece.  But that is important to know in order to determine the number of connectors you will need.

Total Length:  Units                 Total Segments:

5. * Project Description
In this box, please be as descriptive as possible on what you want to apply Light Tape to. Remember, we have to visualize what you need. The more descriptive the better. With the information supplied above, we will determine the Power Supply needed for your project. We will then reply with what we can do for you with a current price for your application. Please allow 48 hours from the time of your submittal for us to get back to you.

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